Double Fine 'Amnesia Fortnight' going public

Double Fine’s annual two-week break in which they split into teams , ignore whatever else they’re working on and create fun game prototypes will this year be streamed, and the projects developed will be chosen by the fans. Kooky.

According to Tim Shafer in the Amnesia Fortnight video, the event is a two-week long break from everything they are working on at the time, where Double Fine splits into smaller teams and makes four game prototypes based on a series of pitches. They do it to test out new ideas and give team members a chance to test their management chops, and this year, they’re opening it up to the public via the Indie Humble Bundle website.

For whatever price you think it’s worth, you can pay Double Fine (and donate to charity) for the right to vote on which prototype they develop, watch daily video updates by documentarians Two Player Productions and then play all of the prototypes at the end. Sweet!

Some of the games that Double Fine have protoyped during the Amnesia Fortnight in the past include Stacking, Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster, Costume Quest and Iron Brigade.

For more information, watch the video above, and head to the Humble Indie Bundle website to donate and get involved!

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