15 Video Interview: Stan Press, Astro Gaming

While some gamers will gloat about their amazing 7.1 surround sound system, others prefer not to annoy the neighbours quite so much, investing their money in a decent headset. These days, it’s far from a compromise. Companies like Astro Gaming pour their hearts and souls into making these bits of kit sound ridiculously good – and, for the fashion-conscious fan, they don’t look too shabby at all.

We caught up with Stan “stanimal” Press recently, and chatted a little bit about Astro Gaming, which is now making waves in Australia and New Zealand, thanks to some intense interest from fans.

The Australian range to date includes:

Astro Gaming: A50 Wireless Astro Gaming: A30 Wired Astro Gaming's A40 - Penny Arcade edition
Astro Gaming: A50, A30 “Creatures”, A40 Penny Arcade edition
(Click to embiggen)

You can pick up Astro Gaming gear in Australia and New Zealand from a variety of retailers – if your local gaming emporium doesn’t have them on shelf, then make sure to ask!

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