Skyrim: Dragonborn DLC gets a volley of screenshots

The first set of screenshots from Skyrim’s Dragonborn DLC have been released, and damn, they’re lookin’ great. This is one of the best-looking pieces of DLC I’ve seen in a while, actually. Props, Bethesda. Props.

Skyrim: Dragonborn has you travelling once more to the province of Morrowind’s Solsteim island, and confronting another–yes, another–Dragonborn such as yourself. Who is wearing a kickass mask that I hope I get to loot from his corpse and wear myself.

The screenshots detail several new enemies, as well as the new Chitin and Bonemold armour types–plus, just look at those environments. Morrowindy mushroom goodness.

[img_three]7257,2012-11-15/AshSpawn.jpg,2012-11-15/BlackBook.jpg,2012-11-15/Cultist.jpg,Ash Spawn, a big scary lookin’ book and a cultist[/img_three]
[img_three]7257,2012-11-15/DragonPeak.jpg,2012-11-15/DragonSkeleton.jpg,2012-11-15/Netch.jpg,Dragon Peak, a skeleton and a Netch[/img_three]
[img_three]7257,2012-11-15/Oblivion.jpg,2012-11-15/RavenRock.jpg,2012-11-15/RedoranGuard.jpg,Ooh green, Raven Rock and a Redoran Guard[/img_three]
[img_three]7257,2012-11-15/RedoranTavern.jpg,2012-11-15/Seeker.jpg,2012-11-15/Skaal.jpg,A Redoran tavern, a Seeker and a Skaal[/img_three]

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