Wii U Basic console comes with only 3GB storage

According to Nintendo’s latest Direct broadcast, the Wii U Basic console will only come with approximately 3 gigabytes of usable storage space. Dang.

The Wii U Basic box.

The Wii U Basic technically comes with 7.2GB of storage, but the issue is that the Wii’s software actually takes up 4.2GB of that space, leaving only 3GB left to download your games on to. To put this in perspective, Super Mario Bros. U is about 2GB in size. Nintendo Land, another Wii U launch title, is 3.2GB large–so Wii U Basic owners won’t even be able to store it at all.

The Wii U Premium is blessed with 29GB of space, leaving approximately 25Gb for game installs. But since Wii U game discs hold 25GB of content, chances are you’ll barely be able to install one of those on your Premium. Bummer.

Nintendo have been very forthright about the fact that users will want to buy external storage for the Wii U to store their games on, but even so, this is a remarkably low amount of space, especially with the Basic at US$299/AU$349.95. The Wii U Premium is US$349/AU$429.95.

With that in mind, when you get your Wii U, make sure to do some research into which external harddrives work with the console. The Wii U launches in the US on November 18, and in Europe and Australia on November 30.

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