Unity 4.0 hits digital shelves today

Unity Technologies have just released Unity 4.0, an update to the hugely popular development engine being used for such games as inXile’s Wasteland 2 and Obsidian’s Project Eternity.

Project Eternity

Obsidian’s Project Eternity uses the Unity engine

Unity 4.0 includes a bunch of new and improved features, making it even simpler and more powerful to use for game developer’s world over. It includes:

  • Linux deployment preview
  • Flash publishing
  • DirextX 11 support
  • Mecanim animation tools
  • Hard dynamic shadows for mobile games
  • Dynamic fonts
  • Lightmapped scenes

For the full rundown, check out Unity’s what’s new page.

With a number of high-profile games now using the Unity engine such as Wasteland 2 and Project Eternity, things are looking good for Unity developers!

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