Flood of DLC for Sleeping Dogs announced

I really hope you haven’t had enough of Sleeping Dogs, the latest title from publisher Square Enix, because dayum, I’m about to drown you in DLC. Take a deep breath, steel yourself and let’s do this.

[img_big]center,6740,2012-08-14/9173SD_Screenshot_KungFu.jpg,Kung Fu in Sleeping Dogs[/img_big]

From November 15th, a number of pieces of DLC will become available for download, most notably the new gameplay-extending addon, the Zodiac Tournament DLC.

For those who missed any of the pre-order items, worry not! They will now be downloadable in the Dragon Master Pack, which adds weapons, character upgrades, martial arts moves and a bunch of missions only previously available with pre-orders. This includes: the Triad Enforcer Pack, the Police Protection Pack, the Martial Arts Pack, the GSP Pack and the Deep Undercover Pack. Phew.

The next piece of DLC, the Drunken Fist Pack, adds an entirely new style of fighting, which–shockingly–can only be engaged in with the protagonist totally wasted. Excellent.

Additionally, for lovers of Hitman, Just Cause and Deus Ex, the Square Enix Character Pack adds three new outfits with their own buff and signature weapons.

Unless, of course, you didn’t ask for that, in which case perhaps the Gangland Style Pack will be more to your taste. This piece of DLC adds a trio of tattoos, each with their own bonuses.

FINALLY, the Zodiac Pack is probably the most interesting of these announced DLC, featuring an invitation to an entirely new hidden island off the coast of Hong Kong. Fight the best-of-the-best from across Asia and check out new additions to the story, arenas, and two new outfits witht heir own new fighting moves.

This crazy amount of DLC will be available November 15.


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