15 Interview: Yasemin Arslan, Borderlands 2

Yasemin Arslan describes herself as a cosplayer, alternative model, visual artist and tea addict – but if you’re a gamer you might recognise this Australian-born lass as someone a bit special. She’s the live-action face behind Lilith, the siren from Borderlands 2.

The story is simple – about twelve months ago, Gearbox Software held a casting call, looking for a lady aged 18-30 to step into the role in Borderlands 2. She would follow in the footsteps of Britanni Johnson, an American actress who played the role of the Guardian Angel in the original game.

Of course, Yasemin can tell the tale much better than we can! It was one of the things we chatted to her about when we caught up with the actress recently, at EB Games Expo in Sydney.

Want more Yasemin? Check out her Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or DeviantArt pages. Stay tuned, we’re hearing rumblings that Ms Arslan is considering a shift into video game development, working on the other side of the table, as a concept artist.

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