Indie arcade racer Distance Kickstarter hits $100k

This one has been flying under the radar a little over the past few weeks, but in its final few days the campaign has really picked up some steam, today exceeding $100k, with currently less than $20k to meet its goal of $125k.

Developed by a team consisting of former Digipen students who released the fantastic Nitronic Rush last year and with concept art by Chin Fong, an environment artist on Halo 4, Distance is the spiritual sequel to Nitronic Rush, with new enhanced visuals, improved gameplay, multiplayer and a bunch of whole new modes.

If you’re a fan of arcade-style racers, Distance is definitely something to take a look at. And if you’re on the fence, you can¬†download Nitronic Rush¬†totally free to get a taste for what you’re in for. Make sure to check out the Distance Kickstarter page and donate if you’re interested!


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