8 million copies of Minecraft sold on the PC

Speaking of excellent sales, indie hit Minecraft today surpassed 8 million PC copies sold, bringing the total number of Minecraft sales on PC and Xbox to a very grand 12 million. Pretty impressive.

A creeper in Minecraft

Original Minecraft lead, Markus “Notch” Persson today posted on Twitter revealing the announcement:

The PC version of Minecraft just passed 8 million sales! My face is making grinning sounds, so I assume it’s grinning!

An interview with PC Gamer recently also revealed that the direction Mojang are taking Minecraft in is changing, with the decision to focus on encouraging modding as opposed to making new content themselves. The team are in the process of rewriting much of the codebase to make things easier for modders, and are trying to find ways to make mod installation and maintenance much easier. Definitely a good approach to take, with Minecraft’s thriving modding community rapidly expanding and producing more content than Mojang themselves could ever hope to!

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