Wii U to have universal remote functionality

With Nintendo’s Wii U coming out later this month, many are looking for reasons to buy it or avoid it: here is one┬ádefinite reason to buy it, and one I’m actually almost sold on.

The Wii U‘s touchscreen is an interesting idea, with a lot of different potential applications. Releases such as the Mass Effect 3‘s Wii U Special Edition make use of the GamePad as an interactive map of the game world, allowing players to select where they want to position their party and how they carry out their attacks. But there is very little doubt in my mind which would be the most useful feature of the GamePad for me: the fact that it has built-in universal remote functionality.

The Wii U Gamepad’s universal remote functionality looks fantastic

According to Joystiq, by hitting the GamePad’s “TV” button, you can instantly turn a TV on, off, change channels, switch inputs and control volume, in a simple, easy to use touchscreen interface. Once you turn the TV on with the power button on the GamePad, you can easily switch to the Wii U input and start playing. And if it does have true universal remote functionality, that means it will also work for your DVD player, sound systems and a variety of other electronics.

Reasons for avoiding purchase disappearing… disappearing… disappearing…

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