Borderlands 2 coming to Mac Nov. 20

For all you Mac users out there who’ve been hunkering after some cell-shaded mayhem, wait no longer: Borderlands 2 is coming to Mac on November 20. Sweet! The port is being done by Aspyr Media, who in the past have ported games such as Civilization V and Call of Duty: Black Ops, so with any luck, it’ll glide as smoothly as a well-greased pig on a slippery-dip.

[img_big]center,8337,2012-08-15/BL2_gc_Combat_in_Lynchwood.png,Borderlands 2[/img_big]

Information on whether the DLC Captain Scarlett’s Pirate Booty will be available has not yet been released, but those who pre-order from Aspyr’s “will receive free Premiere Club Content, including the fifth playable character Gaige the Mechromancer.” If the Mechromancer DLC is available, it stands to reason that other DLC will also be available at release, and if not, at least during some point in the near future.

Aspyr’s Vice President Ted Staloch had this to say about the announcement:

Aspyr prides itself on bringing the best in gaming to the Mac audience. Borderlands 2 is definitely among the best. Most sequels have a hard time living up to the first, but Borderlands 2 manages to improve on every cool aspect of Borderlands, and still finds a way to wrap the player up in a new story with a new experience.


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