New Mass Effect game confirmed, Blasto comic

BioWare’s Casey Hudson, series executive producer of the Mass Effect series, has confirmed that a new Mass Effect game is in development. A tweet sent out early this morning unveiled the following:

We’re in early stages of designing a completely new Mass Effect game. What would you want to see in it?

Earlier this month it was also confirmed that the new Mass Effect game would not feature Commander Shepard, but instead some other protagonist. Apart from that small piece of information, there’s not a whole lot we know about this new game.

Don’t forget that Mass Effect 3 DLC Omega is being released at the end of November, and if you’re up for a bit of comic madness, make sure to check out the latest Mass Effect release from Dark Horse… Mass Effect: Blasto: Eternity Is Forever!

Dayum, that is one fine looking Hanar. I mean Asari. Yes…. Asari.

I have a feeling this one will be a hit.

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