Ty the Tasmanian Tiger blasts his way to iOS

Marking the triumphant return of Australia’s Krome Studios, Ty The Tasmanian Tiger is back. The little dude has sprinted onto iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices today, with the free game, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger: Boomerang Blast!

It’s been a turbulent ten years since Ty first raced onto our screens, but developer Krome believes there’s still some life in the Australian icon yet.

Robert Walsh, CEO and co-founder of Krome explains:

We’re excited about bringing TY back a decade after his first adventure. TY The Tasmanian Tiger: Boomerang Blast! is a perfect way for gamers to rediscover the character’s sense of fun and mateship.

With colorful presentation, intuitive controls and a wild variety of locations to explore, this game gives new players a great starting point to discover the fun Aussie universe of the TY game series – and we’re looking forward to continuing the adventure!

The game itself is simple, and uniquely Australian: Throw powerful boomerangs at targets, as you train for Ty’s next battle against the evil Boss, Cass. Using the iPhone’s touch screen, swipe controls measure the curve and power behind each throw, introducing a whole new playing experience to Boomerang Blast.

Of course, there are Game Center leaderboards and a whole bunch of unlockables thrown in (ha, thrown) – the burning Flamerang and the powerful Thunder Egg, not to mention new environments, targets, and even new characters. Shazza’s back!

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger was rather popular, back in the day, and while its success has waned a little in recent years, Krome hints that “this is just the beginning of Ty’s new adventures” – so keep an eye out for a Tasmanian Tiger appearing on a mobile handset near you!

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