Nintendo President unboxes Wii U

In an “official unboxing ceremony” posted to YouTube, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata unpacks the Wii U Premium Pack, noting that it “feels rather heavy” at 4.25kg, compared to the Wii’s packaged weight of 3.67kg. Putting on white gloves and remarking that they “make [him] feel like Mario,” he pulls out the cardboard, and…

Well, I could go on and describe it to you, but why not watch the video?

Unboxing is usually something of a nerdy pursuit and rarely officially sanctioned, so it is something of a surprise that Nintendo opted for Mr. Iwata to star in an unboxing himself. Not that we have any problem with it: the gloves and the commentary are kind of awesome.

The Wii U hits shelves on November 30th here in Australia as well as in Europe, almost two weeks after its release in North America on the 18th, and a week before its release in Japan on the 8th of December.

The Wii U will have a Day 1 update, adding a number of features such as the Miiverse, Wii U Chat, Nintendo TVii and the console’s eShop. Until then, nobody is quite sure what these features will be like or how exactly they will work, but rest assured, as soon as we know, so will you.

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