Square Enix merger "a complete failure"

Or so says former Square Software president Hisashi Suzuki in a recent tweet. Ouch. Apparently:

The merger was a complete failure. There’s no vision for the future.

Hisashi Suzuki, former President of Square Enix.

Suzuki’s comments come in after Square Enix recently revised their financial expectations for the half-year by almost 20% (61 billion yen), blaming disappointing sales. Suzuki noted that Square Enix‘s value of 124 billion yen is significantly less than the value of Square when it merged with Enix in 2003, when it was valued at 150 billion yen.

Suzuki was president of Square between 2000 and 2002, and Director of Square Enix between 2003-2005. He is currently a director at Sega.

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