Mass Effect Trilogy released, female Turian seen

The Mass Effect Trilogy (which got a suitably dramatic trailer a few days ago, see below) has just been released on the PC and the XBox 360. With over 300 awards to its name, if you haven’t already checked out this fantastic sci-fi trilogy, now is the time, at $79.99 on Origin here in Australia. The Trilogy includes a number of DLC for the games, but not all–for more information, check out the Mass Effect Trilogy page on the BioWare website.

Unfortunately if you’re a PS3 owner, you’re going to have to wait until December 7th. But fear not! The original Mass Effect is included in the trilogy, so for the first time PS3 owners will be able to play their way through the whole story from start to finish. Neat.

If you don’t know much about the series, Mass Effect follows the saga of human soldier Commander Shepard, whose duty it has become to battle out the enigmatic Reapers, a threat to all intergalactic life. In this humble writer’s opinion, it is well worth a play, with enormous replayability, a great cast of interesting characters and a well-thought out new setting to explore filled with cool aliens and sweet vistas.

For those of us who’ve already made it through the games and are hankering for more, the Omega DLC–which we are told is twice as big as any DLC they’ve done for Mass Effect before–has been dated for November 27th, and in addition to allowing you to help Aria T’Loak retake the Omega Station from Cerberus, features a mysterious new character as revealed by AGB. Check out the first female Turian in the Mass Effect series:

Mass Effect 3: Omega, Female Turian

Dat faceplate. Dayum!

Super neat!

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