Zynga closes two key games, more to come

Zynga is still trimming expenses and cutting costs, with gamers the latest victims. The social gaming giant has announced it will close both FishVille and Treasure Isle on December 5th – the first of 13 games headed for the axe in the near future.

An empty fishtank in FishVille

Welcome to FishVille: Population Zero.

Treasure Isle currently boasts 80,000 daily active users, with a total of 540k monthly. Nothin’ too shabby, but perhaps low enough to warrant closure. While FishVille has certainly dropped from its heyday of 7.45 million DAUs, it’s still seeing 70,000 daily and 730,000 monthly. Not bad, for a game which launched in 2009.

This is just another chapter in Zynga‘s sorry saga: October 23rd saw the company’s Boston studio closed entirely, Austin workforce slashed, and a murky future for studios in both Japan and the UK. Employeed have been told to brace themselves – in addition to layoffs and game closures, Zynga is also planning “streamlining measures” to improve resource management and increase company efficiency.

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