ShootMania Storm forecast for January, 2013

Nadeo‘s online multiplayer first-person shooter extravaganza, ShootMania Storm, will be in your hot little hands starting January 23rd, 2013. And while that sounds like it’s an awfully long way off, it’s really just another couple of months. Oh, how time flies.

ShootMania Storm is currently in beta, with a second test scheduled for next month. Beta 2 will bring with ait a hwole bunch of cool stuff, ably supported by the updated ManiaPlanet hub – including 3D Object import through the map editor, a new “eSports 2.0” tool for creating tournaments, and the ability to register your team, track statistics and register for tournaments.

We’re also looking at a bunch of ShootMania specific updates:

  • New moves (Laser Jump, Wall Jump, Grappling Hook and more)
  • New Game modes: Victory and Fortress
  • Opening of the “Welcome Build”: The “Welcome Build” is a specific game build especially designed to offer an easy introduction to SMS for newcomers, giving free permanent access to the Royal and Elite game modes.

This “welcome build” will be free and available to everybody at the launch of ShootMania Storm, but if you want to jump in early, all existing ManiaPlanet players will be able to send invitations to friends, who can then download the new client and play happily right now.

As you may have guessed by the name, ShootMania Storm follows in the footsteps of Nadeo‘s super-successful arcade racer, TrackMania – this time taking the same over-the-top treatment to the first-person shooter.

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