Spooky image teases big Bethesda reveal

Just in case there wasn’t enough excitement surrounding the games industry this week, Bethesda has jumped onto the bandwagon, teasing fans with a brand new trailer set to drop on November 5th.

Bethesda - Full Trailer on 11/5

Curiouser and curiouser.

The image tells a thousand words, which is helpful as we’ve only been given the most bare-bones of details, specifically:

Full Trailer on 11/5

Current theories suggest that this is leading up to an announcement of the Dragonborn DLC for The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim that was unexpectedly uncovered a few weeks ago.

The DLC is rumoured to feature new items, weapons (including dual-wield staffs), armoure and – wait for it – dragon mounts. We’re also promised new quests, as well as new locations including Miraak Temple, Castle Karstaag, Solstheim, Telvanni and Raven Rock.

…but there’s a potential spanner waiting to be thrown into the Bethesda works – perhaps the image is for The Elder Scrolls Online! Not long to wait now, so pick a side and we’ll see who wins when the trailer’s released tomorrow.

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