French ad: PS Vita is like a lady with four breasts

In case you hadn’t noticed, the PlayStation Vita features two touchpads – one at the front, and one at the back. Obviously, this means that it has doubled the tactile sensation of gaming, or something. A French advertising company has taken this concept to the next, bizarre, step.

Deux faces tactiles, deux fois plus de sensations

PlayStation Vita: Deux faces tactiles, deux fois plus de sensations

In French, the magazine ad reads: “Two touch screens, twice the sensations,” along with a digitally-manipulated image of a lady with no head and four breasts. Understandably, people around the world are finding this a little confronting.

A spokesperson for Sony UK has told MCV that the French campaign is not something necessarily appropriate for a UK audience – and we’re assuming that other countries (the United States, Canada, Australia) would say something similar. However. Each of Sony‘s territory offices has a “degree of flexibility” when determining its own localised advertising, and what is horrifying to one country may well be par for the course in another.

While it is undeniably poorly timed in this industry, there have been no reported complaints from French audiences over the Vita ad.

Image courtesy Gregoire Hellot

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