New, award-winning maps for Red Orchestra 2

Keep an eye out, new maps might just be popping up in Red Orchestra 2 sometime in the not-so-distant future, as Tripwire Interactive announces the results of Encirclement, the first phase of the Counterattack Mapping Contest. The studio’s handed out more than US$35,000 in total prizes, and – as always – the team was blown away by the level of “skill, imagination and effort” that community members and fans have poured into their work.

Bridges of Druzhina

Red Orchestra 2: Bridges of Druzhina

First off, we have the Best Original Level: Bridges of Druzhina has taken home US$2,500, an Intel Motherboard DZ68DB and a Core I7-2700k CPU

Coldsteel picked up US$1,000 and Univermag the US$500 third prize.

But this wasn’t the only category! Tripwire also awarded a prize for “Best Remake”, to see what kind of new life could be breathed into maps from Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 or even the original Red Orchestra mod.

Gumrak Station

Red Orchestra 2: Gumrak Station

The winner was a remake of the original Basovska, as Gumrak Station takes home US$2,500 (Arad 2 came second, and Ogledow third).

As Tripwire accurately notes, that’s US$8,000 in cash given out, plus a bunch of hardware – and it’s onto Phase 2 of the Counterattack Mapping Contest, which is running unti lthe end of November.

Many of the first round maps have been heavily updated – and many new ones have appeared. This time, there is $15,000 in cash prizes, a top-of-the-line Origin laptop, custom painted and a whole bunch of other hardware to give away. To the mappers – make sure you get your entries in on time! And for all the rest of us, go play the new maps out on the public servers and let us (and the creators) have your feedback. Soon, you will be able to grab new maps and other content through the Steam Workshop for RO2!

If you want to jump in on all of this, what are you waiting for? Red Orchestra 2 is available right now on standalone game, or as part of the Tripwire Interactive Bundle. If you’d prefer, you might also be able to find it in stores and other major digital outlets, too!

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