The Lord of the Rings Online OS X client hits beta

Middle-earth is throwing the doors open to Mac gamers, with the launch of a beta client for The Lord of the Rings Online designed specifically for fans who prefer something a little Apple-flavoured.

Starting today, Mac users in Europe can check out the award-winning free-to-play MMORPG just by visiting the game’s website and signing up.

Kate Paiz, Executive Producer of The Lord of the Rings Online explains that this has been a long time coming:

We are really excited to open up the world of Middle-earth to Mac. We’ve just launched our biggest expansion yet and we’re happy to welcome gamers to play the game natively on Mac OS X for the first time ever.

Once you’ve signed up, grab the full client, log in, and start your adventures in The Lord of the Rings Online. Those pesky PC gamers have only got a five-year head start, you’ll be caught up in no time!

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