Sleeping Dogs brings Smiley Cat to Hong Kong

It’s that time of year again, in case you hadn’t noticed – games are getting scary all over the place. An unusual one to add to the list: Sleeping Dogs, which received its first batch of story-extending DLC today, and Nightmare in North Point brings a little horror to the streets of Hong Kong.

In life, Big Scar Wu was one of Hong Kong’s most ruthless triad gangsters. Feared as much by those who stood against him as those who stood by him in the Sun On Yee, it was decided by the Grand Dragon that he must be stopped. Looking to send a message, they had him stabbed 42 times before feeding his bleeding corpse to the grinder at the Smiley Cat cat food plant… his final resting place, in the food bowls of the city’s pet cats. It is said that if the wronged receive anything less than a proper burial, their spirit will almost certainly come back as a Hungry Ghost, damned to starve in the afterlife, feeding only on their hatred. You turn him into cat food and that’s pretty much guaranteed.

Big Scar Wu is now known in the underworld as Smiley Cat, and is none-too-happy about that. He’s raised an army of Jiang Shi, and vowed to destroy the Sun On Yee, taking its place as the most feared criminal empire of Hong Kong.

The ghosts of Triads past have risen, and they won’t rest until they’ve taken over the city, installing Smiley Cat as the new Grand Dragon. You – as Wei Shen – must seek out “the strongest of Chinese magic” to help find the power to defeat the undead, sending them straight back to Hell.

The Nightmare in North Point DLC pack for Sleeping Dogs will cost you 560MSP, AUD$9.25 or NZD$10.50 depending on your location and platform, and is available right now on PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Marketplace and Steam.

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