Halo 4 lands on earth… in Liechtenstein

While the full game’s still a week away for most people, a hand-picked bunch of crazy gamers has been able to check out Halo 4 in an incredible scenario created among the “peaceful mountains and sleepy byways” of the tiny European Principality of Liechtenstein.

Think it sounds jaw-dropping? Wait till you see what they got up to:

This is a ground-breaking world first for the studio and the franchise, which turned the iconic Gutenberg Castle into an imposing military fort. The war-torn battleground is a working mine site by day, but the team from Microsoft and 343 Industries built cinematic sets, brought in hundreds of unique props, and created some amazing pyrotechnics to add a certain ambience to a number of Halo 4-inspired experiences, brought to life in vivid detail.

Thanks to Larry Hryb on WhoSay for the video. Better known as Major Nelson, we’re guessing he’s feeling a little mopey that he couldn’t be there, too.

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