Activision servers disrupted by Hurricane Sandy

As the effects of post-tropical cyclone Sandy progress across the east coast of the United States, her impact can be felt across the country – and across the globe – in some unusual situations. If you’d been planning on a bit of Call of Duty or maybe Guitar Hero this evening, you maybe should make other plans: The New York data centre that houses the Activision servers is suffering from the extreme weather, and the multiplayer servers are down.

[img_big]center,7,2010-06-01/1.jpg,Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2[/img_big]

Affected games include:

The news comes via One of Swords, who promises that Activision is working towards restoring full functionality “as soon as possible”, even though the team doesn’t currently know just when that’ll be.

Your patience while they deal with the storm’s effects is appreciated.

…and because there are plenty of people affected by the superstorm – in ways far more serious than not being able to play a particular video game, here’s a bunch of ways you can help those affected by Sandy – we hear the Red Cross already has plenty of canned goods, thank you.

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