Aussie developer gives free game to pirates

Lunar Flight, from Aussie developer Shovsoft has appeared in both the GCAP 2012 showreel, and the Freeplay Winners List. It’s also recently appeared in a less-savoury corner of the internet, but developer Sean ‘sh0v0r’ Edwards has taken a slightly unusual approach to piracy.

Lunar Flight

Lunar Flight

When sh0v0r discovered his game was lurking around a certain… shall we say plunderer’s cove, he was a little upset. But not because someone was stealing his game! The Brisbane-based developer was more upset that the pirates were stealing the wrong version of his game, and playing something that was nowhere near as good as the current incarnation.

Thanks for the support guys!

This version is really old and doesn’t have many of the content updates and fixes in it including the recent Mars update. If you like this version, consider it a demo.

…and to show off just how much better the new version is, sh0v0r then posted 11 keys for the game to be redeemed on Steam, “first in, best dressed!”. Lunar Flight is normally sold for US$9.99, and has been kept regularly updated since its January launch.

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