Get Plants vs Zombies free, thanks to your dentist

The American Dental Association knows that, honestly, dentists aren’t the most-loved members of society, so it’s enlisted a few friends from PopCap Games to raise awareness of a very serious condition: Zombie Mouth. In exchange for a few moments of your time, you can now snag a free copy of Plants vs Zombies – the ADA is giving away games instead of candy!

…but first: What is Zombie Mouth?

Top Seven Ways to Stop Zombie Mouth
1 2×2! Brush for two minutes two times per day with fluoride toothpaste.
2 Floss between your teeth daily.
3 Eat fruits and veggies instead of sugary and starchy snacks.
4 Wear a mouth guard while playing sports.
5 Don’t smoke or use tobacco.
6 Don’t pierce your lips or any other part of your mouth.
7 Visit your dentist regularly. Dentists get lonely!

The promotion – including collector cards! – is primarily targeted at the United States, for obvious reasons. But the ADA doesn’t discriminate (and neither does Zombie Mouth) – the free Plants vs Zombies, colouring-in pages, wallpapers, Halloween masks and party invitations are available worldwide.

For all the information you could possibly hope to have about Zombie Mouth, head to the awareness website:

On a personal note – as you may have noticed, I have a ring in my lip. It’s been there for 10 years, and my dentist (who I visit regularly) says that it has caused absolutely no problems with my teeth. I’m not arguing with the Dental Association, and certainly agree with all the other points, but I’m just saying that if you’re careful, exceptions can be made.

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