PAX Australia: 3-day passes 75% sold out

According to the website, there are still some 262 days left before PAX Australia hits Melbourne in July 2013. But it’s obvious that gamers are not content merely to wait that long to organise their tickets – word from the event organisers is that 75% of three day passes have been sold.

That means 50% snapped up in three days, and a mere five more to sell half of what was left.

Sign up, sign up!

Sign up, sign up!

Remember, you can still pick up single-day tickets (in batches of three, if you’re so inclined), but if you want all your tickets sorted out with one simple click, you’d better be quick.

Registration for Enforcers, the dedicated volunteer PAX army, has not yet started. Even if you’re sure you’ll be picked to look after the crowd and generally help out at the event, make sure you get your tickets sooner rather than later.

The rationale is simple: If you have tickets and are picked as an Enforcer, PAX AUS will refund your money. However. If you do not have tickets and are not picked as an Enforcer, you’re outta luck.

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