17 Take a look: 40 great Aussie games

As part of the opening festivities for GCAP last week, The People’s Republic of Animation put together a bit of a showreel highlighting a whole bunch of Australian games, to show off what the local talent has been getting up to.

The intention was to have a 60-second trailer showing quick glimpses of a handful of games. Developers were invited to submit footage to The PRA through an FTP site, which quickly was filled to capacity. After the files had been moved off and the site opened up again, it quickly filled up, again.

By the end of the project, the showcase was nearly four times longer than anticipated, featuring forty Australian developers and the amazing projects they’ve been working on recently.

You can catch the showcase as part of our Welcome address stream (skip to around 5:20 – obviously the stream is no longer live), but we’ve also got it right here for you in glorious, all-Australian quality.

The games you see there include:

  • Lunar Flight – Shovsoft
  • Epoch – Uppercut Games
  • Bean’s Quest – Kumobius
  • Runic Rumble – Epiphany Games
  • Tasty Fish – Dime Studios
  • HEIST: The Score – N3V Games
  • Rugby League Live 2 – Big Ant Studios
  • Laser Room – Ari Levi
  • Run Fatty Run – Disparity Games
  • Knowledge Quest – Media Saints
  • Bullistic Unleashed – Millipede Creative Development
  • Pulp Diction – MUZBOZ
  • Bank Job – Screwtape Studios
  • Mass Effect 3 (Wii U Port) – Straight Right
  • Funky Barn – Tantalus
  • Stunt Star: The Hollywood Years – Three Phase Interactive
  • PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale E3 trailer – The People’s Republic of Animation
  • Band Stars – Six Foot Kid
  • Cubemen – 3Sprockets
  • Dino Escape – Ample Entertainment
  • Jetpack Joyride – Halfbrick
  • Battle Group – Bane Games
  • Triangle Man – Convict Interactive
  • Ski Safari – Defiant Development
  • Real Racing 3 – Firemonkeys
  • Path of Exile – Grinding Gear Games
  • Little Things Forever – Klicktock
  • Monster Truck Destruction – OddGames
  • Monstaaa! – Pixel Elephant
  • Blast Points – Pub Games
  • Vessel – Strange Loop Games
  • Underbelly Skirmish – The Project Factory
  • Catapult King – Wicked Witch
  • FMOD Studio – Firelight Technologies
  • McGuffin’s Curse – Brawsome
  • Mini Motor Racing Evo – The Binary Mill
  • Flatland: Fallen Angle – SeeThrough Studios
  • Splat Attack – Cupco Games
  • Armello – League of Geeks
  • Little Space Heroes – Bubble Gum Interactive

These games (and games-related releases) are all in various stages of development. While plenty are still in development, a good number are out right now, so take a look at the App Store, Google Play, Steam, or even in your local gaming retailer to see if you can pick up one of these great Aussie games. Free kangaroo with every purchase not guaranteed.

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