Hints and tips: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Have you been spending quality time with the beta for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale? No? Well, here’s a video direct from Superbot Entertainment that will help bring you up to speed, teaching a bunch of tactics and gameplay tips, all ready for the game’s launch in just less than a month.

Obviously, the video focusses on key Beta icons, including Sweet Tooth, Fat Princess, Parappa and Sly Cooper, but there’s more than a few hints and ideas that’ll help you out regardless of which character you choose.

…in case you missed it, all those sneaky videos were indeed leading up to a Battle Royale reveal, with Sony and SuperBot working together to give us The All-Star.

If you’re sick of all the little bits and pieces, snippets and tastes we’ve been given from PlayStation All-Stars over the past howeverlong, don’t fret: The game launches for both PS3 and Vita on November 20th, you won’t have to wait long to get your Battle on.

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