Player Attack: Season 1, Episode 34

This week on Player Attack, PAX Australia is confirmed for Melbourne, and three day passes are selling fast. Job cuts hit Massachusetts gamers, with both Turbine Games and Zynga laying off workers, the Mass Effect movie gets a new screenwriter, while Ubisoft comes to a new agreement on the Assassin’s Creed film. At the same time, Assassin’s Creed III is officially Ubi‘s most pre-ordered title, but that news comes as we learn the game has been leaked more than a week out from launch.

Guild Wars 2 celebrates Halloween, the Wii U will sell at a loss, Dishonored and XCOM: Enemy Unknown line up for new DLC, SimCity is delayed (boo!), the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft tops the Xbox Live activity charts, Folding@Home retires from the PS3, and the new BioShock Infinite trailer is everything we hoped for.

This week, Jessica Citizen is dressed by Pure Pwnage: Teh Movie!
(Go pledge all your moneys to their crowdfunding campaign and help guarantee
the big screen debut of the greatest video game player of all time!)

Each week, we take the biggest and most interesting news to hit the pages of Player Attack and wrap it all up into the Player Attack vidcast.

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