Meet the cast of Hitman: Absolution

Hitman: Absolution is sneaking ever-closer to release (November 20th! Mark your calendars!), and we’re being drip-fed bits and pieces of information about Agent 47’s latest adventure. Today’s update introduces us to the many actors who have lended their faces and voices to the game, in roles as varied as a personal secretary, 47’s former handler and (ahem) the Head Assassin Nun.

The faces of Hitman Absolution

The faces of Hitman Absolution

  • Diana Burnwood: Marsha Thomason
  • Benjamin Travis: Powers Boothe
  • Birdie: Steven Bauer
  • Blake Dexter: Keith Carradine
  • Sheriff Clive Skurky: Jon Gries
  • Layla Stockton: Traci Lords
  • Sanchez: Isaac Singleton
  • LaSandra Dixon: Vivica A. Fox
  • Wade: Larry Cedar
  • Cosmo Faulkner: Jonathan Adams
  • Jade: Shannyn Sossamon
  • Victoria: Isabelle Fuhrman

As a voice acting lineup, that’s pretty good. Making it even better is the fact that most of the actors also provided motion capture performances for Hitman: Absolution (with the exception of Agent 47 – what you see is William Mapother, what you hear is fan fave David Bateson), meaning their faces, or versions of them, will be easily recognised in-game. It just adds that little extra bit of authenticity, y’know?

The mocap efforts are none-too-shabby either, handled by Giant Studios, the team behind Iron Man, Avatar and The Lord of the Rings.
(Thanks, VG247!)

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