Borderlands Legends takes iOS to Pandora

Tired of only being able to play Borderlands when you’re in front of your gaming PC or console? Don’t worry, Gearbox Software has the solution. It’s called Borderlands Legends, and it’s designed specifically for mobile devices.

[img_big]center,10447,2012-10-25/2KGMKT_BL_LEGENDS_IPAD_StrategicCover.png,Borderlands Legends[/img_big]

Promising the traditional Borderlands blend of action RPG and strategy, Legends also throws in a little addictive, isometric gameplay that still lets you level up your characters while fending off wave after wave of Bandits, Skags and other baddies.

You can expect shoot-and-loot action coupled with intuitive, touch-based commands and a super-slick UI – and all of that’s alongside the skill tree and inventory management that we know and love. Plus, just for something different, the strategy’s been ramped up to keep mobile audiences interested (sif we needed another reason?).

[img_three]10447,2012-10-25/2KGMKT_BL_LEGENDS_IPAD_36UniqueAbilities.PNG,2012-10-25/2KGMKT_BL_LEGENDS_IPAD_BLLHD.jpg,2012-10-25/2KGMKT_BL_LEGENDS_IPAD_RandomMissions.png,(Click to embiggen)[/img_three]

Borderlands Legends is headed to iOS on October 31st for US$4.99 on iPhone and US$6.99 on iPad. The information from 2K consistently refers to “mobile devices”, so we’re hoping an Android version isn’t too far behind.

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