SimCity gets delayed street date: March 2013

SimCity is looking good. Really good. Really really good, which means that the latest update from EA and Maxis is all the more painful. The brand new city-builder has been delayed by one month, now arriving on PC and Mac starting March 7th, 2013.

As compensation, we are offered this shiny new screenshot:

SimCity - University City

Why must we wait so long?!

The wait is excruciating – the new Sim City is powered by the super-slick GlassBox engine, giving the construction simulator more than just a new lick of paint. The new game is one you’ll want to reach right into, with the model-like tilt-shift aesthetic something we’ve never seen before.

…and as if that wasn’t good enough? Multiplayer has also been added. How you run your city will affect the cities and townships around you – that little pollution issue is no longer simply your problem. It works the other way too, of course – a stunning, well-designed metropolis will increase tourism to the whole area, so your friends and fellow mayors will reap the rewards.

We’re still expecting more details to come out of EA in the leadup to the game’s release, so stick around: SimCity is going to be big.

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