Modern Warfare 2 re-adds modified Favela map

Activision has updated the PS3 version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to now include an edited version of the controversial Favela map, removed from rotation a few weeks ago for featuring content offensive to Muslims.

The fuss all started when a Muslim gamer zoomed in on a piece of artwork hanging up in a bathroom featured in the multiplayer map. The picture itself was not the problem, but the frame – hung crookedly – featured decorative Arabic religious text, reading “Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty”. For many followers of Islam, it is highly offensive to show religious scriptures in – or on – a bathroom.

Activision and Infinity Ward promptly removed the map from rotation, and set about removing all of the potentially offensive content.

Now, the PS3 version at least is ready, and the Rio de Janeiro map is right back where it belongs, with the bathroom now looking a little bit like this:

The controversial Favela map from Modern Warfare 2

Sleek black frames.

Xbox 360 and PC updates for Modern Warfare 2 are expected shortly – stay tuned if you’re not a PlayStation fan.

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