PAX Australia: 50% of 3 Day Passes sold in 3 days

There are still nearly 267 days until PAX Australia, and the event was only officially announced three days ago, but organisers are reporting that 50% of the event’s three-day passes have already been sold.

PAX Australia

…hopefully he’s not running into the waters off of St Kilda Beach.

If you want to head along to the first Penny Arcade Expo to be held outside the United States, you’d better act fast. tickets are now on sale, but they’re disappearing rapidly. Three-day passes are expected to sell out within a week or two, and once they’re gone, the single-day tickets won’t be too far behind.

Right now, all sorts of tickets are available.
Friday OR Saturday OR Sunday only: AU$45
Three day pass: AU$115

As we like to remind everybody, PAX Australia is headed Down Under simply because the Aussies wanted it more than anywhere else. If you have any other questions (or even if you don’t but want to read some answers anyway), the PAX AUS FAQ is available and really rather useful.

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