17 Hands on: Feng Shui Master

With GCAP coming to a close it was time to settle down and relax what better way then moving chi around to find my inner peace than testing an early build of Feng Shui Master (working title) from the team at Many Monkeys.

The temple and garden where you start

They stressed to me that this is still very early days in the development, but instantly I was impressed with the look and feel of the game. Jumping into a temple level, with a nice rock or sand garden, you move objects around the screen to create a flow of chi from its point of origin to fill a ying yang container. Manipulating the flow as a puzzle gets harder with more objects to divide the chi and multiple ying yangs to fill.

Achieving inner peace – In game shot from the early build

They also had a home level which is another idea they are working on, once again this looked impressive and they described using their mechanic in a home setting with furniture. The peaceful style of the game combined with the calming music is already impressive and will make for a fantastic experience when it is completed.

Moving the chi to solve the puzzle

Feng Shui Master is set to be released on iOS and Android devices, with possibility to come to Windows and Mac later. The monkeys passion and ideas for the future development of the game is something that can’t be missed, so be sure to follow their progress on their website and facebook page.

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