17 Hands on: Pocket Dogfights

It was time to take to the skies at GCAP with Pocket Dogfights, an arcade style action game coming for iOS and Android devices and Windows and OS X later. Fly your plane and take down waves of fighters, bombers and jets to control the skies.

Using simple swipe controls and a tap to shoot, you can zoom around and take on the other fights. It is a fun feeling to chase down one fighter on the radar, only to notice a squad slowly catching up on you. With a simple flick around, you can turn the tables on them.

In game view of Pocket Dogfights

The UI has a nice clean feel and shows off all the information needed with a steampunk style. As the game progresses through the waves the camera will pan back in preparation for a boss fight. Using your small plane against a big bomber is fun. Swooping in and out trying not to crash into it while tapping to fire, this is where the game really tests your skills.

Pocket Dogfights is coming soon, but you can check out an early version on the website or follow the development on their facebook and twitter.

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