17 Hands on: Eir & Fire

GCAP is a great place to meet and chat to developers about what they are working on, even better when they have a build of a new project. I got the chance to play and check out Bifrost Studios upcoming game Eir & Fire.

While it was an early build, I was instantly impressed with the art and look of the game just from the menu screen. Jumping into the game was literally just that. It is a 3D first person runner that puts you in the position of a character with wings, yet humanoid features of hands and legs. From here the journey begins.

Eir & Fire art style and Norse Mythology

Running along a path in the sky, you use simple controls such as swipe up to jump. This builds up to a glide to make longer jumps and a slide avoid blocks and keep momentum. Along this path you collect some orbs, these are souls, names of fallen who have been stuck in limbo. Collecting these saves their soul and at the end of each level you can see the names of who you have saved.

While there are only a few levels on the test build, they also had a few other elements included. A night time level gave the game a different feel, another flipping mechanic to make light bridges turn on or off to keep the flow of running through the game.  All of this was surrounded by a Norse mythology background and elements in the world keep reminding you of something more and that you are a part of something bigger.

What you are a part of? You will have to find out when the Eir & Fire is released for Android and iOS in the near future. You can follow  Bifrost Studios on their Twitter and the Eir & Fire Facebook page

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