Chris Roberts takes Star Citizen to Kickstarter

While everyone claims to want “innovation”, potential backer feedback has shunned Chris Roberts’ self-managed crowd-funding solution, prompting the developer and the team at Cloud Imperium to open up a Kickstarter project for the upcoming release of Star Citizen.

Chris Roberts explains that a user poll had more than 1,000 responses from gamers asking for a Kickstarter option, so the choice was simple:

The kind folks at Kickstarter have generously offered to help out. Not only are they happy for us to have a Star Citizen campaign but they are fine running in parallel with the crowd funding platform on this site. This is great news, as it allows us to provide all the Space Sim fans out there multiple options to back Star Citizen. Nervous about pledging in a custom solution on a site that has had some hick-ups? Use Kickstarter! If you can’t as you don’t have an Amazon account and don’t want to open one, use the RSI site, where we take Paypal and credit cards. It’s all about user choice and in this adding Kickstarter is a very good thing.

One of the obvious things you’ll notice when visiting the Star Citizen Kickstarter page is that the goal is much more modest than the US$2m Roberts was asking for last week. This doesn’t mean the game has changed – rather, that the original crowdfunding site, through all its ups and downs, raised more than US$1.04m in pledges. The combined initial goal is just US$2m, so we’re guessing it’ll meet that fairly shortly. Everything on top goes towards stretch goals, and – of course, $500,000 must be raised exclusively on Kickstarter for those funds to count!

Star Citizen

Star Citizen

If you’re interested in Star Citizen – a new look at a much-beloved genre, the PC-based space sim – perhaps you should pop over to the Star Citizen Kickstarter page and throw in a few coins to help nudge it over the line! Your fellow gamers thank you!

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