Rez creator is Keio University's latest Professor

It was revealed in September that Tetsuya Mizuguchi, creator of Rez, Lumines and Child of Eden, was taking a break from game production, stepping down from production duties at Q Entertainment. Many gamers wondered what the innovator would do with his time, and now we know at least part of the answer: He’s officially been named a Project Professor at Japan’s Keio University.

Keio University Graduate School of Media Design

Keio University Graduate School of Media Design

We knew earlier that Mizuguchi was concentrating on “academic work” rather than developing commercial games, but it seems he’s not hanging up his boots completely. The official announcement explains that Mizuguchi will continue to produce games while at the Graduate School of Media Design.

The visionary artist will remain at Q Entertainment as a spokesperson, as well as continuing work with music group Genki Rockets. At the school, Mizuguchi will officially “further expand his expertise in the field of media design and innovative content production” – for once, without the restraints of commercial interest, publisher demands and the fluctuating interest of fickle gamers.

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