Valve updates Steam Greenlight, adds Software

Following the uber-successful launch of the Steam Greenlight clearing house, Valve has decided to increase the scope of the project, adding the ability for developers to post non-gaming software for public consideration.

The move echoes the introduction of Steam Software, and is part of Valve‘s plot to take over the world, one digital distribution network at a time.

Steam Greenlight

Greenlights everywhere!

Software on Steam Greenlight will be treated in exactly the same way as games – fans and users are being asked to provide feedback on which applications they’d most like to see offered via Steam.

There’s also a new handy way for developers to learn more about their potential market, starting well before the game is finished. By posting concepts (for free!), creative types can start building a community and listening to what people want, well before the game or product is finished. There is public voting available on these early models, but it is provided “only to give the developer data and feedback”, says Valve, rather than necessarily leading to the finished game being made available on Steam.

But wait! There’s more! Valve has been super-busy behind the scenes, with these other changes added in today’s Greenlight update:

  • The updated front page of Steam Greenlight now highlights recent submissions and Friends’ favorites as well as recent news
  • Developers can now add additional contributors to their items in Greenlight for the purpose of moderating and responding to community feedback
  • A new widget-creator has been added under the “About” section to help promote your Steam Greenlight entry
  • The FAQ has been updated to add some new questions and include information about Steam business in general
  • Steam Greenlight logos are now available for download, also listed under the “About” section

Remember, there are now 31 games that have been greenlit: 10 in the first batch and more than 20 this time around. To submit your Software, Game or Concept, it’s a simple matter of hitting Submit your item on the top of the Steam Greenlight website. Start voting!

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