Frobisher Says! Free for Vita October 23rd!

Gamers across Europe have been exploring the possibilities of the PlayStation Vita through a nifty little game called Frobisher Says!, but the rest of the world has been missing out. Now though, that’s all about to change, with Sony unleashing the quirky party game on October 23rd.

Your task is simple: Follow the rowdy, often childish demands of the titular Frobisher. He’s got interesting taste, so don’t be surprised if you’re smiling at ladies, delivering puddings, drawing on eggs or even poking otters with sticks.

These all fit together in a compilation of more than 50 fast-paced, unique minigames, each one making use of the Vita’s various capabilities. You’ll be using both the front and rear touch screens and six-axis motion sensor, as well as creating a little augmented reality with the front and rear cameras.

While single-player mode is rather enjoyable, it gets “crazily entertaining” once you get started in multiplayer – up to eight people playing simultaneously!

The price is right, the gimmick is right, and gamers have been waiting for this one since before the handheld was launched. Mark your calendars: Tuesday, October 23rd, and find out what exactly Frobisher Says!.

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