SimCity teaches how to deal with disasters

When we looked at four of the disasters preparing to hit SimCity, we were rather impressed. Today though, we are – wait for it – blown away by the latest update that EA and Maxis have sent over: A brand new trailer, showing just how these disasters might unfold when the game hits shelves in February 2013.

It’s another SimCity Public Service Picture, titled How to Deal with Disasters, and it makes me squeal with delight.

Taking over a mayorship is big business, and you’ll be faced by all sorts of situations that need resolution. How will you handle those teens hangin’ around outside city hall? What will you do about the rival donut shops that have opened next to each other? Why do those people keep disappearing when those UFOs appear?

…of course, there’s also some bigger issues at stake, and disaster protection and prevention is one of them. Lucky for us, we’ve got some handy tips – they might not stop the disaster from hitting your fair township, but they should help minimise the damage and even help with the clean-up.

  • First, fire stations are your friend. Make sure you have enough fire trucks to protect your city in case of earthquakes, meteor strikes or something more ominous.
  • Second, be sure to tip your hat to your police chief. When disaster strikes, make sure your citizens are adequately protected from the dangerous things that go bump in the night.
  • Lastly, a healthy Sim is a happy Sim even if their home has been swept away by a tornado. Don’t forget to fund your hospitals and be sure you have enough waiting rooms to handle the injured Sims who will come rushing through the door.

We’ve now seen tornados, meteor strikes, earthquakes and – of course – UFO invasions, but there’s still more on the way from EA and Maxis. What form will the SimCitymonster take this time around?

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