Sleeping Dogs: Get spooked with new horror DLC

Was Sleeping Dogs a little too mundane for you? Was the Hong Kong action crime drama all a bit too realistic, altogether too possible? Well, stick around: Later this month, Square Enix and United Front Games are unleashing the undead.

[img_big]center,6740,2012-08-14/9172SD_Screenshot_Hello_.jpg,Sleeping Dogs[/img_big]

…and it’s all thoroughly in context, too, exploring a different side of Hong Kong cinema. The brand new Nightmare in Northpoint DLC mode is Halloween-themed, featuring Chinese vampires (Jiang Shi) as enemies, alongside undead gang members. In order to tackle these new foes, Shen has been granted a lightning fists upgrade, as well as a brand new sword made of peach wood, traditionally used in Taoist exorcisms.

It’s a decent step away from the more traditional DLC offerings we’ve seen for Sleeping Dogs, which have provided new races or extra cop missions. Nightmare in Northpoint is being compared to the Undead Nightmare pack which changed the landscape of Red Dead Redemption two years ago.

Packed with a few hours of content, Nightmare in Northpoint is, of course, due out by the end of October, in time for Halloween, but we don’t yet have a price point for you.

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