BioWare invites Mass Effect 3 fans to N7 HQ

The online portal for Mass Effect 3 has launched, with N7 HQ now your one-stop shop to check out your multiplayer profile, peruse leaderboards, track your progress and – of course – contemplate just what is going on with the Galaxy at War. It’s available for everyone who’s picked up a copy of ME3, and openly visible to the general public, giving you the perfect opportunity to show off to your non-gaming mates!

Mass Effect 3 - N7 HQ - Character Build

Character builds in N7 HQ

What we have is full and complete User Profiles, containing information on every character made with each account. You can look up just about everything, including character level, XP and skill tree allocation details. Unless you specifically tell it to keep things private, N7 HQ will publish your character’s details online, which means you can easily look up people you encounter mid-game, check out their layouts and cheekily pinch the bits that work the best.

The Galaxy at War section shows off the now-all-too-familiar map of the galaxy, illustrating the stages of readiness of various areas. This section is also packed with information from external sources like Mass Effect: Infiltrator, meaning all the data you need is right at your fingertips.

There’s also a Challenges tab to (wait for it) keep an eye on both individual and meta-Challenges across Aliens, Weapons and General. Titles and banners awarded for gold-level challenges can be managed online also.

For more information on N7 HQ, pop along over to the BioWare Blog, where you’ll be brought up to speed on this super-swanky new feature.

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