Capcom clarifies on-disc DLC situation: It's all free!

Capcom and – more specifically – the Resident Evil 6 team has come under fire this week following the discovery of on-disc DLC. Today, Senior Online / Community Manager Brett Elston has stepped up to the microphone and explained that yes, it’s there (and it’s there for a good reason), and no, you won’t have to pay to unlock it.

[img_big]center,8803,2012-08-03/RE6_AdaWong_crossover_001_bmp_jpgcopy.jpg,Resident Evil 6[/img_big]

Brelston explained that two free DLC items will arrive “soon” as a Resident Evil 6 title update.

Some data of this update is on the disc, but said data is incomplete and requires the actual download to access. But again, free.

…to translate: At the time the game went gold, the extra content simply wasn’t finished and/or ready to be released. Rather than rushing the content, leaving it out completely, delaying the game, or keeping the new stuff for a paid DLC release later, Capcom decided to include what it could on the game disc, and continue working behind the scenes. This means that when the new stuff is finished, you’ll (hopefully) only have a few smaller files to download, rather than sucking up all your bandwidth grabbing that extra-special update.

So! What exactly is in the extra-special update? Some pretty awesome stuff!

Firstly: A new difficulty mode, No Hope. According to Brelston, this is “y’know, super hard”. You have been warned.

Secondly, there’s the introduction of a new co-op partner for Ada’s campaign. Initially, the level had been designed and intended as a solo effort – but Capcom knows its gamers and knows that you might like to bring a friend along.

Additionally, this update will make Ada’s campaign available from the start; currently you must complete all three of the primary campaigns to unlock this bonus. So, a little something for those who aren’t able to blaze through the whole thing in a weekend – if you’re taking your time, you’ll be able to access Ada’s story without having to finish the others. And may I say, her campaign is pretty awesome.

There will be future paid DLC for Resident Evil 6, and this is – wait for it – not on the disc. Now you know.

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