Medal of Honor Warfighter unveils Linkin Park tune

Well, looks like EA didn’t get quite the outpouring of attention it was anticipating for the Medal of Honor Warfighter beta, meaning we had to wait the full five days for the promised Linkin Park music video, Castle of Glass. While the song itself is getting mixed reviews, it definitely evokes a certain something in the leadup to the game’s release.

The video is a collaboration between Linkin Park and Medal of Honor Warfighter portraying the experiences of generations of military families.

Medal of Honor Warfighter doesn’t shy away from touching on some tricky topics. The game itself was written by Tier 1 Operators while deployed internationally, and the developers explain they had to constantly tread the fine line between making a game that was fun, without disrespecting (or dishonouring!) the people who actually go to war.

For more on that topic, Linkin Park, and – of course – the game as a whole, here’s another look at our full video interview with creative director of multiplayer Kristoffer “Hoffe” Bergqvist, filmed at EB Expo 2012!

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