Dishonored: Protips from Harvey Smith

This week sees Dishonored finally hit shelves. This BioShock meets Half-Life meets Thief has brought with it a unique blend action, stealth and steampunk, so it’s understandable that gamers might feel a little overwhelmed. It’s okay though, Harvey Smith, co-creative director at Arkane Studios has taken the time to share a few helpful tidbits when it comes to playing Dishonored.



  • You can change difficulty whenever you want. If the game is too hard (or too easy), switch difficulty levels. Difficulty setting changes enemy damage, enemy visual perceptiveness, and player-character potion effectiveness.
  • You can turn off almost every part of the HUD UI, including goal markers. If you’re a minimalist, experiment with that.
  • Look up! Go vertical when you can, along ledges, rooftops, pipes, etc. You can often sneak past an encounter that way or find an alternate entry or path.
  • Don’t forget to lean! If your body is behind something like a wall, you can lean out to peak ahead. We abstract that so that your body stays hidden.

…but wait! There’s more! Point your browser at the Bethesda blog to read up on the rest of Harvey Smith’s protips for Dishonored, keeping in mind he’s one of a small handful of men who know the game better than anyone.

Harvey explains:

The team at Arkane is really thrilled about Dishonored and we hope that players enjoy it. Raph and I – along with everyone else who worked on the game – appreciate all the recent attention and we’re looking forward to hearing stories and seeing YouTube videos created by everyone ranging from methodical explorers and stealth players to crazy speed-runners using their supernatural powers to blaze through second or third play-throughs.

Take care and have fun!

Dishonored is out right now for North American audiences, while Australia and Japan are waiting for October 11th, and Europe doesn’t get theirs until Friday, October 12th.

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