Valve prepares hardware beta with public survey

Want to get your hands on some Valve hardware prototypes? You’re in luck. Listen up, gamers: Valve wants to know what you think – particularly when it comes to video games. There’s a shiny new playtester survey that’s popped up on the publisher’s website – and the end result could mean an invitation to Valve studios to check out the company’s latest projects.

Gordon Stoll demonstrates Valve's gaming headset

Image of Valve’s gaming headset via The New York Times

Unfortunately for us who aren’t located in the Pacific Northwest, Valve is only really looking for gamers and people local to the Seattle / Bellevue area in the United States – but there’s a glimmer of hope: “Remote playtests” are teased for the future.

The survey is super-short and super-simple to fill out, and – as always – there are no right or wrong answers. It’s not clear right now when the survey will sign off, but – if you’re interested in this sort of thing, and especially if you’re near Seattle, you should really jump in on this one right now. Just tell ’em Player Attack sent you.

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